21-22 March 2019
II Dialog-Forum

International Collective
Investment Markets:
Digital Evolution

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10:30 - 12:00

Dear participants!

We invite you to visit unique excursions of your choice specially organized for you by our partners on March 22, 2019 in the framework of the II Dialogue-Forum International Collective Investment Markets: Digital Evolution.

Skolkovo Technopark

Territory of the Skolkovo Innovation Center, bldg. 1, 42 Bolshoy Boulevard.

Technopark is unusual in everything, from the buildings architecture and their interiors to bold scientific hypotheses and original designs. Scientific and technical progress becomes reality here, filling intelligent machines and mechanisms with life, and it seems that brilliant ideas literally hang thick in the air. During the excursion, you will learn about the latest technological developments and scientific theories and find out what tasks this modern scientific and technical center deals with.

Microsoft Office in Krylatskoye

Bldg. 1, 17 Krylatskaya Street

A few years ago, the corporation changed its policy regarding its offices. Following the global trend to consider office space not only as a place for work, but also for life, Microsoft has also made the atmosphere of its offices less strict, more diverse and comfortable for its employees. The Moscow office of the corporation has been renovated, which will be demonstrated during the excursion. You will see how you can competently reorganize your workspace so that to create the most inspiring work environment.

Microsoft Technology Center on Belorusskaya.

9 Lesnaya Street

The main tasks for such spaces were developed in America in the 1980s and then implemented in Microsoft centers around the world – the presentation and promotion of new technologies and assistance in their development, i.e. holding various lectures and trainings for partners and professional users of computer software and various equipment. Therefore, it was fundamentally important to implement two equivalent functions in the project – demonstration and training not only of the client partners, but also of the company's employees. Modern solutions based on Microsoft cloud services for financial and retail organizations will also be demonstrated during the excursion.

The event starts at 11:00 AM. Hurry up, the places are limited.


Vladimir Chistyukhin

Bank of Russia, Deputy Governor

Anatoliy Gavrilenko

ALOR Group of companies, Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Kirill Pronin

Director of Collective Investment and Trust Management Department, Bank of Russia

Elena Chaykovskaya

Bank of Russia, Adviser to the First Deputy Governor

Anna Kuznetsova

MOEX, Managing Director of Securities Market Member of the Executive Board

Pavel Prass

INFINITUM Special Depository, CEO

Vasiliy Zablotskiy

NFA, President

Ekaterina Gantseva

NAUFOR, Vice-President

Alexey Timofeev

NAUFOR, President

Vladimir Kirillov

TKB Investment Partners JSC, CEO

Valeriy Petrov

Russian Association of Cryptoindustry and Blockchain, Vice-President


Takasbank, Markets Director

Michael Malinovskiy

LECAP, Сo-founder, partner and CEO

Artyom Inyutin

TMT Investments PLC., Co-founder and managing partner, Head of Investment Department

Levon Klekchyan

Central Depository of Armenia , Chief depository services officer

Rachid Lassoued

Bloomberg L.P., Head of Financial Engineering & Risk

Denis Kuchkin

Septem Capital, CEO

Alexey Chalenko

HappyLend, CEO and Managing Partner

Dmitry Maslovsky

Bloomberg L.P., product manager

Georgy Vashchenko

Freedom Finance, Head of Trading - Russian Equities Desk

Vasily Illarionov

Sberbank Asset Management, Head of Business Development, Managing Director


Annual international dialog-forum is informational and practical platform aimed at establishing the most favorable environment for sharing experience and finding common interests for cooperation and interaction between participants of the collective investment markets, capital markets, leading representatives of financial institutions, infrastructure organizations and strategic decision-makers from the government.

A hands-on event focused on the interests of participants of the Russian collective investment markets, capital markets, and market participants from European and Asian countries.

Target audience
Russian market – asset management companies, brokers, insurance companies, private pension funds, banks. International market – fund administrators, asset management companies, custodians, financial market participants and trade associations.
It is the second International Dialog-Forum “International Collective Investment Markets: Digital Evolution” to be conducted in 2019. This year, the program is focused on the digital Investment and marketplaces.
The key issues to discuss on our platform are:
  • Collective investment markets – market regulation and development in the new environment for implementing advanced financial technologies
  • The prospects of mutual development of capital markets and collective investment markets
  • Digital evolution and transformation of the market: the future of investment funds. New instruments and services in the collective investment markets in the new environment
  • olution of financial technology and digital distribution in the collective investment markets

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